A preview of the horiztonal version of Chase.


Installation view of Chase at Nuit Blanche Toronto 2012 in the centre of Commerce Court, downtown Toronto. Chase was a Zone A exhibition project, selected by curator Shauna McCabe.



Similar to the sound of a symphony warming up, the house lights going down in a theatre trigger a learned neuro-chemical response that readies the body for a dark, reverie-laden space where spectators slip into their seats as though slipping into bed. The slow extinguishment of light performs an act of transformation in which the everyday is temporarily suspended in preference of another reality. When the lights come up, it is as though a hypnotist has snapped his fingers, bringing the long moment of restful, augmented attentiveness to an end.

Chase depicts an enormous crystal chandelier as its lights slowly progress through a continuous on/off cycle. Enticed by the richly detailed yet often ambiguous state of the chandelier, the viewer becomes caught in a state of perpetual, unrealized expectation: an experiential limbo between something almost about to end, just as it is beginning.

Chase is a collaborative video piece by Megan Wilson and Blaine Campbell. The subject of Chase is the 1000 lb Czechoslovakian crystal chandelier hanging above the balcony at the centre of Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre. The video was shot on location using RED camera technology resulting in a video of extraordinarily high resolution, capturing the myriad detail of the chandelier's finely faceted crystals and light bulbs. Chase has been rendered in various formats to readily allow for digital display, as a projection or on a television or video monitor.



Technical requirements

A video of extraordinarily high resolution, Chase has been rendered in various formats to readily allow for digital display as a projection in a darkened room or on a monitor for group exhibitions. Being silent, Chase is also appropriate for outdoor and window exhibition spaces.

Available formats:

  • Quicktime file: 720p, 1080p, or 3K resolution
  • BlueRay DVD: 720p, 1080p
  • can be presented full-frame vertical (portrait orientation; preferred) or letterboxed horizontal (landscape orientation)


       vertical (portrait) presentation    horizontal (landscape) presentation


General requirements:

  • computer (Mac preferred) or BlueRay player
  • In the event that a computer or BlueRay player is not available, the artists can provide an appropriate version of the video on a Mac Mini for the duration of the exhibition.

Requirements when projected:

  • high definition digital projector capable of 720p, 1080p, or 3K resolution (higher resolutions preferred)
  • projected image should be at least 40 x 72" / 100 x 180 cm in size
  • projector should be ceiling mounted, for horizontal or vertical presentation (vertical format preferred)

Requirements when presented on a television monitor:

  • high definition flat-panel television (minimum 720p resolution, 1080p preferred)
  • minimum 42" screen
  • television to be mounted for vertical presentation (portrait orientation)




The artists gratefully acknowledge the support of the British Columbia Arts Council and the City of Vancouver for their support in the creation of this project.