Applause (Please)
digital projector, microphone, Mac
dimensions variable


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Applause (Please) seeks to call into question, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the average gallery patron's passive yet inherently venerative response towards an artwork, the artist, and the gallery space. Upon initial inspection Applause (Please) appears to be a minimalist installation consisting of a microphone and blank digital projection. The gallery patron is enticed via visual cues—an image of the artist randomly appearing in the projection—to overstep participatory reticence and react to the work. Based on predetermined criteria, the microphone analyses sounds generated by the viewer causing Applause (Please) to evolve into a dynamic mix of visual responses. Based on waxing and waning audience participation (volume and frequency of applause), video of the artist appears in the projection and reacts in varying ways to the viewer. The audience is hence rewarded and entertained in return for their adulation, yet they must also reconsider their relationship to the work, the artist, and the gallery context.