Exit 83 (Franciscan Idyll)
2009 / 2010
transmount chromogenic print
W 224cm x H 179cm (W 88" x H 70.5")


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First encountered in 2008 in trails winding behind a highway rest stop near Abbotsford, this site was finally documented in the late summer of 2009. It remained largely unchanged in the intervening year. The scene persisted in memory, as it conflates the common west-coast sight of a decaying redwood stump, the bucolic, lush ideation of BC wilderness, and a visual analogy to the work "Grande hazaña! Con muertos! (Wonderful heroism! Against dead men!)" from Goya's Disasters of War.

Exit 83 (Franciscan Idyll) was included in the solo exhibitions Demarcation at the Comox Valley Art Gallery, 2011, and Was there ever any domination which did not appear natural to those who possessed it? at Republic Gallery, 2010-2011.