Transient Architectures for New Tomorrows


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The series Transient Architectures for New Tomorrows is a developing body of work which plays with the viewer's perception of the photograph, interrupting the so-called "truth value" (representation indexicality) through the inclusion of exposed and often disruptive structural forms. The series was originally inspired by both theatrical staging and research into the early foundations of the development of Cubism. Increasingly, Transient Architectures also takes as its subject the built environment and societal perceptions of nature.

Transient Architectures for New Tomorrows no. 5: The Bluff (Pursuant to Supreme Court of B.C., Vancouver Registry #S062778) depicts a portion of Eagleridge Bluffs, an area of the Vancouver north shore that was the subject of debate and protest in 2006. Highway expansion for the 2010 Olympics has resulted in a sizable trench cut through the centre of the bluffs, an ecologically sensitive watershed. This interruption of Eagleridge Bluffs is reflected in the gap separating the two sections of piece, while the underlying structure is inspired by Modernist architecture as well as the many bridge sections required for the highway expansion. The Bluff received the national award in the BMO 1st! Art juried competition and the emerging artist award from the Contemporary Arts Society of Vancouver. It was exhibited at the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art in October 2008.

Transient Architectures for New Tomorrows no. 6: Three Constructs uses three affected elements: a theatrical wall and exposed lightbox, built to resemble a corporate office space; a large format, staged photograph; and Surrey Lake Park, a public park created from reclaimed farmland around an artificial lake. The first version of Three Constructs was exhibited in May & June 2008 at the Surrey Art Gallery as part of the exhibition Search/Research: contemporary landscapes. In 2009 the second version was selected as a permanent installation for the lobby of the national headquarters of the Canadian Association of University Teachers.