TRIUMF residency



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For much of 2016 I am acting as the artist-in-residence at TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics and home to the world's largest cyclotron. This project realizes a long-standing interest in questions related to quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and the processes by which abstract ideas are conceived and made manifest. I will engage in a series of visits to TRIUMF, speaking with researchers and staff, touring the facilities, and developing a series of new works.

The starting point is a large format photographic study of TRIUMF's beam-line detectors. These detectors are, in a sense, cameras themselves and therefore nicely parallel a core component of my artistic practice.

I am also considering a connection between Derrida's concept of "textuality" in relation to quantum theory, and the translation between the symbolic language of mathematics and the physical realty of TRIUMF's experiments.

Additional works will be developed over the course of the residency, likely to include a series of sculptures and video-based works, possibly in collaboration with TRIUMF staff.

Some of the first works to come out of the TRIUMF residency are currently being exhibited as part of Black Hole Sun with Scott Massey at Republic Gallery, Vancouver BC, until 27 February 2016.